Able Planet Introduces World’s First LINX AUDIO® Earphones

Able Planet launches the world’s first LINX AUDIO® Earphones lineup that provide hearing solutions based on listening environment improving comprehension in difficult listening environments.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Able Planet Incorporated, a leader in audio and speech language technologies today announced the new lineup of the LINX AUDIO® Earphones. Delivering exceptional sound quality with clarity that is preferred by listener’s and audio enthusiasts, Able Planet’s LINX AUDIO® allows users to lower the volume for safe listening without sacrificing the live sound experience.

Special features of the new Clear Harmony, Sound Clarity and True Fidelity Earphones include soft, flexible ear hooks for active lifestyles, carbon fiber textured finish and gun metal housing. ComfortFit™ sound isolation tips block exterior sound and help create a custom fit for maximum comfort. Included with the unit are 3 ComfortFit™ tips to ensure ultimate comfort. The earphones are compact, lightweight and perfect for use with computers, TV, MP3 or iPod players, airplane audio systems and other popular consumer electronics. The new lineup also includes a multi-function controller with microphone for advance music controls such as play and pause and enables the user to answer and hang up phone calls. Also included is a protective hard-shell carry case or a soft pouch.

“We are pleased to bring this exceptional technology to a price point that allows more people to enjoy their music safely, and still enjoy a full audio experience,” said Able Planet’s chairman and CEO Kevin Semcken. “Current consumer technologies are unable to address challenges relating to hearing loss, difficult listening environments, and hard to hear sounds and speech, forcing listeners to turn it up to potentially damaging levels. Able Planet technologies create a “live” experience with full rich sound and clear speech that can be used by people with All Levels of Hearing and is enjoyed at lower volumes enabling listeners to “Turn it Down” to help preserve hearing.”

Originally developed for a new generation top‐of‐the‐line hearing aids, the LINX AUDIO® technology alters the audio signal to increase the intensity of higher frequency harmonics. This approach makes it easier for listeners to hear words, music and sounds as well as increases the perception of loudness without increasing the volume. Able Planet products provide a full rich sound at safer, lower volumes.

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About Able Planet
Expert in Audiology and Speech Language Sciences, Able Planet was founded on a hearing technology that enabled people with profound hearing loss to distinguish hard to hear sounds, many of whom heard new sounds for the first time in their lives. Over the past 5 years, the company has become a leader in audio and communication devices through the development of products and technologies that not only address hearing impairments, but are preferred by experts in consumer audio. Today, Able Planet designs and manufactures products that enhance sound quality, clarity and speech intelligibility for all people. The company designs and manufactures products that connect people with hearing loss to the world of sound, and has a portfolio of proprietary technologies that help preserve hearing for those with normal hearing. The privately held company is headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. For more information, visit

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Able Planet