Able Planet’s Clear Harmony® Active Noise Canceling Headphones

If you want to fully experience robust sound from music or gaming environments, noise canceling headphones are the best choice out there. Able Planet’s Clear Harmony® Active Noise Canceling series headphones provide much better sound quality and a quieter environment to enhance audio entertainment by eliminating background noise, so all you hear is full, rich sound. Most hearing loss occurs in the high frequency, and through the use of Award-Winning LINX AUDIO®, a Hear the Difference® technology, audio signals are enhanced to create high frequency harmonics off every fundamental sound. This enables Able Planet’s Clear Harmony® series headphones to create a Live Sound Experience®, at lower volumes to preserve your hearing. By fighting fire with fire, noise canceling headphones become your music’s best defense against places and activities with a lot of background noise.

Able Planet’s mission is to create solutions for consumers of All Levels of Hearing™, through the use of technology and that means creating hearing devices that not only do their job, but look and feel great while doing so. Therefore, comfort can be no less important a criteria when looking for headphones than the quality of the sound they provide. While maintaining the ability to cancel out unwanted background noise made by airplane engines, general cabin noise, or activities at work, Able Planet’s Clear Harmony® Active Noise Canceling headphones also fit well on your head, cover your ears fully and provide a comfortable listening experience.

Able Planet offers several series of noise canceling headphones like Musicians’ Choice™, Travelers’ Choice™, and True Fidelity®, that provide great sound at an affordable price, giving other leading manufacturers some stiff competition. To put it simply, while Able Planet creates first-class noise canceling headphones, that doesn’t mean they’re just for passengers seated in the front of the plane.

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Able Planet is a company that is built on Hearing Health and Hearing Preservation. We have developed outstanding technologies such as Linx Audio® that increases the perception of loudness to make the headphones sounds louder than they really are.

Able Planet has been the winner of prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards LINX AUDIO® recreates The Live Sound Experience®, provides full rich sound and clear speech even at lower volumes enabling listeners to Turn it Down™ to help preserve hearing. Linx Audio® products are frequently honored with industry leading awards for unsurpassed sound quality, superior speech clarity and innovative design.

Based out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado – Able Planet occupies a large warehouse off the north-west side of I-70 and Kipling. Our corporate offices and distribution facility operate year in and year out to accommodate our clients needs throughout the world. Please take some time to research our “Where To Buy Section” and see what people are saying about our great products and practices. Able Planet can be found at some of the largest retail establishments in the world, be it Costco, Sears, BJ’s Wholesale, Fry’s Electronics, Staples or even Office Max. Online marketplace retailers are picking up the product line as well do to our lucrative drop-ship system at little to no-risk to them. Stay tuned to our current blog for constant updates and information regarding Able Planet and the progression of our great company!

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