Available in Personal Sound™ Amplifiers, LINX® DSP is a new method of auditory enhancement & impulse management.

Based on prior work with the patented LINX® coil, a patented approach to signal management has been developed in digital form. Observable Vowel-Consonant ratio alterations are achieved without bias of the frequency response.
A significant reduction of brief, but potentially damaging surge spikes & transients is accomplished. Most attempts to ‘repackage’ the dynamics of input intensities require a ‘feedback control loop’ (e.g., as in most AGC systems). These (feedback loop) methods introduce temporal alterations (distortion) to the signal which can be equally (or more) disturbing to the listener as the harmonic distortion they are intended to reduce. The Able Planet approach avoids these artifacts and has several significant and innovative auditory benefits in its unique method of signal control and manipulation.

LINX® DSP exploits the often overlooked psychoacoustic property of Temporal Integration. Contrary to common audio assumptions, Able Planet’s digital signal process productively overloads dynamic, complex signals without significant perceived distortion. Peak components are deliberately driven into clipping with advantageous auditory outcomes. By carefully adjusting the Gain to Output relations, only the brief, and largely imperceptible, peaks are clipped. The Soft and Average level sounds are proportionately increased to a beneficial listening result. Since no ‘feedback loop’ is required, this has the effect of Instantaneous Compression of the signal, without temporal distortions or lag times. This is analogous to the operations of the human hearing system, and arguably more perceptually Natural.

Perceptual Advantages

  • Listeners hear soft level detail and average level richness in intensively dynamic material without High Level (potentially damaging) peak energy.
  • Vowel properties are undisturbed, but interfere less with briefer, higher frequency consonants which are increased.
  • The spectral shape is Flattened beneficially without a tinny, overly-amplified high frequency emphasis.
  • Crucial Timbre and Perceptual Detail are preserved or Improved.
  • Annoyance due to sharp transients is dramatically reduced.
  • On a long term listening basis, this treatment is uniquely supportive of hearing conservation, while simultaneously providing full auditory enjoyment and clarity.