LINX® Equalizer

LINX® EQUALIZER is a patent pending system and method for altering audio signals for everything from headphones to home theater systems to improve comprehension by a hearing-impaired listener. And, like LINX AUDIO®, the company believes there will be great value for people with normal hearing who want to customize sound quality and clarity for personal preference.

Hearing impairment affects more than 30 million people in the United States, according to the American Academy of Audiology. Hearing impairment can affect your world of sound in a variety of ways, such as a reduced comprehension of conversation or spoken words, increased difficulties in hearing in noisy environments, or reduced ability to hear and enjoy music, movies or other interactive devices, like computer games.

Able Planet was founded on a hearing technology called LINX AUDIO®. Since the launch of this state of the art technology, the Company has frequently received emails and telephone calls from people who have told us that LINX AUDIO® has changed their lives. Many even take the time to stop by our offices and tradeshow booths to thank us for reconnecting them with the world of sound. One such email came from an individual who told us he was able to hear lyrics in a song for the first time in his life.

While LINX AUDIO® was original designed for a new line of state-of-the-art hearing aids, experts in audio and communications for people with normal hearing quickly began reporting a strong preference for the full rich sound of LINX AUDIO®. These individuals told us that LINX AUDIO sounds like being in the front row of a concert. Now, many people associate our trademark “The Live Sound Experience™” with Able Planet and LINX AUDIO®. And, since 2006, LINX AUDIO products have won dozens of the world’s leading audio and communications awards for sound quality, clarity and innovative design.

The LINX® EQUALIZER takes LINX AUDIO® to the next level. It is another advancement that will enable people with hearing loss to live more active lifestyles, but it will also provide a means for people with normal hearing to customize their audio for personal preference. Able Planet will launch an on line version of its hearing profile test in 2013. This on line tool will incorporate the LINX® EQUALIZER to help educate people on hearing abilities and even identify which of our proprietary technologies may enhance their quality of life.