Sound Fit

Innovative Technologies

How It Works: Sound Fit™ (patented) is a state-of-the-art Technology Delivery, Positioning and Sound Management System that employs a conformable fitting element (CFE) to deliver sound and sound technologies into the ear canal for both Shallow and Deep applications. Additionally, Sound Fit can be anchored safely near the ear drum for maximum comfort and acoustic benefit.

  • Automatic Contraction or User Controlled Expansion of the CFE Provides a Custom Fit that is Perfect for Any Ear Canal, including Difficult-to-Fit Ear Canals with Narrow Canal Peripheral to those with Larger Interior Spaces;
  • Sound can be Channeled Deep into the Ear Canal, or Delivered by an In-Canal Receiver that is Positioned Safely Near the Ear Drum;
  • Sound Coatings Provide for Variable Applications that Customize Isolation from Acoustically Transparent to Unsurpassed Sound Suppression with Great Individualized Comfort;
  • Micro-Transducer Advantages;
  • Deep Canal Microphone Placement for Maximized Natural Acoustic Directionality;
  • Proximal Speaker-Tympanic Membrane Advantages: i. Increased Functional Gain; ii. Extended High Frequency Delivery; iii. Minimized Acoustic Delay;
  • In-Canal Voice Microphone for Wired and Bluetooth™ Telecom Applications;
  • Bone Conductivity Transducer can be Placed to Provide Firm and Continuous Contact for Optimal Performance;
  • Incorporates patented LINX AUDIO® and LINX® DSP for Optimal Sound Quality and Speech Clarity;
  • Versatile Design is Ideal for Hearing Aids, Audio and Communication devices.

Sound Fit™ Advantages: Improved form, fit and functionality for a wide range of audio and communication devices;
Delivers sound technologies directly to the ear canal;
Improves speech intelligibility;
Enhances sound quality;
Provides custom fit that is perfect for any ear canal;
Robust design provides safety and reliability over a long-life;
Reduces or cancels unwanted sounds and background noise that can impair intelligibility;
Unique design provides superior performance to existing alternatives Is easily retrofitted to existing products.Sound Fit™, a 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Award winner, is a proprietary technology that Able Planet will launch this Spring into diverse markets for both Able Planet branded products, as well as a large number of strategic partner products (Wired and Wireless Earphones, Bluetooth Headsets, Professional Racing, Emergency Services, Hearing Aids, etc).